Frequently Asked Questions

We want you to have a smooth and stress-free shopping experience, so we tried to gather all the common questions, that we receive from our customers.

Basically – it’s a FAQ. You know what it is, don’t you?

What are Sick Decal products made from?

Here at Sick Decal we have two main groups of products:

Clothing and decals.

Our t-shirts are made from 100% cotton, sweatshirts are 80% cotton and 20% polyester, and our designs are applied by using heat vinyl transfer technology. Only premium materials are used.

Our snapback caps are 100% Cotton, and the print is thermo-flock vinyl, white cardboard piece inside of the cap is only for shipping purposes.

Our decals are made using only premium quality vinyl.

Also we have some wooden products, that are made out of natural ply-wood and coated with baby-friendly bees-wax.

What type of payments does Sick Decal accept?

For now we accept PayPal and hamsters, that have cash duct-taped to them.

Do you ship to country X?

Is X a country?? Ooooh, now we get it. Our items are shipped worldwide. You wan’t to put a decal on a penguin in South Pole? No probs. Although check it with the penguin, he might have problems with this plan.

What are your methods of shipping? What about tracking?

Items are shipped worldwide. We use international registered air mail.
Usually items arrive in 7-10 days in the EU and 20-30 days to all other countries (Although we have experienced problems when shipping to Canada, since Canadian Post tends to have a random strike sometimes. Currently the clearing of shippment to Canada can take up to 90 days). We provide tracking ID. Tracking system is check point based. While item is in transition between countries no new information will be seen on the tracking page. After leaving our country next update will be when the item reaches your country (information can also be seen on your national post service providers page). Tracking information can be seen at

Do you offer free shipping?

Oh yes we do! We will gladly offer free shipping for purchases over 40Eur or 45USD.

What's your order cancellation policy?

Orders can be canceled only before shipping. After item or items are shipped no cancellation is available.

How do i apply a decal i bough here?

Well, it’s pretty simple – first of all – make sure the surface, on which you are going to put a decal, is grease free and clean. Make sure, that the air temperature is not less than 10 (18 °F). If you got one of our stickers, that have background (for example a slap sticker) – remove the backing paper and apply the decal starting with one corner and gradually remove the air bubbles. If you have a decal without a background – it will have so called transport layer. So you must put the decal on a flat surface, rub it with a rag, so the decal would transfer to the transport layer, and apply it as mentioned above. Only after that – carefully remove the transport layer.

I have forgotten my username, now what?

We shall call you “One, whom we shall call The Forgeter of The Usernames”.

Or to be more serious – hit us with a email @, we’ll figure something out.

I have a question about or an issue with my order. What now?

If you have any issues, problems, or just feeling lonely – you can always contact us via

I've got other questions. Should i send a pigeon with a message?

That would be cool! But there are more simple methods:

Facebook –
Instagram –
Or email –