About us

Sick Decal

Who's behind Sick Decal?

We are just two dudes, that work tirelessly, hoping to succeed in this competitive game. We love cars, and everything that surrounds the car culture – we love racing, modifying, breaking and fixing them. And Sick Decal was born as a reflection of how we perceive this world – it’s a blend of style, fashion, automotive world and everything that surrounds us. Everything You find on this site is done by our own hands, and has a lot of love and attention put in it. We hope, that You will love Sick Decal made stuff as much, as we love making it!

The team? The duo?

The pair of ding-dongs? Yeah, we don't really care.


Founder, CEO and looks like a villain in this photo


CMO, semi-homeless, ask him how his car project’s are going.